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Baba Sewa Singh, Chairman Nishan-E-Sikhi and Chief Organiser, Kaar Sewa, Khadur Sahib, Distt. Taran Tarn (Punjab) is a multi-dimensional personality,  providing green cover to mother Earth to environmental awareness crusader, a religious role model to spirit beyond renovation and construction of historical Sikh Shrines, an educational missionary to promotion of sports, an ardent believer of Sikh traditions to getting setup of a touch screen multimedia museum, a believer of comparative religion study to prepare the young minds to face realities of life, all rolled in to one.

Born on March 15, 1960, after completion of basic education, Baba Ji joined socio-religious organization Kaar Sewa, Khadur Sahib (Founded in 1920) in 1970 as per the wish of his mother. While engaged in selfless service, he received religious education at Khadur Sahib. He was given responsibility to supervise construction/renovation of historical Gurdwara complexes, education institutions and other social services. He was bestowed the responsibility as Head of Kaar Sewa by his predecessor, Late Sant Baba Uttam Singh Ji in 1990.

Sikh religion lays great emphasis on Nature. As per “Gurbani” quotation “BALIHARI KUDRAT VASSIA” (I am a sacrifice to Your almighty creative power which is pervading everywhere) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib at page-469. To protect environment, Baba Ji has planted trees along more than 362 kms of roads in Punjab, Rajasthan and MP. To maintain eco balance, 700 Banian & 800 Peepal trees, which are on verge of elimination, have been planted along the banks of canals. In addition, 100 TRIVENIS, a special combination of Banyan, Peepal & Neem trees have also been planted. To protect the environment, he has planted about 3,31,000 trees in Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan and MP till Dec 31, 2016. 12 water tankers having capacity of nearly 10,000 liters and nearly 30 volunteers are engaged round the clock for plantation/maintenance of trees. Tree guards have been used for protection.

For spreading the light of education in the rural areas, he is efficiently managing a Post-graduate College, an Education College and two Senior Secondary Schools in Punjab as well as three Public Schools in the rural areas near Gwalior (MP). Large numbers of students from these institutions are getting higher education in various universities/professional institutions in India and abroad. Many ex-students are serving atvarious prestigious positions

    He is also the Chairman of Nishan-E-Sikhi Charitable Trust (Regd.), established in 2006 for systematic functioning of the multiple missionary activities. Guru Angad Dev Institute of Religious Studies and Guru Angad Dev Institute of Competitions have been started by the Trust in 2009, to spread moral values in the society and to provide affordable education for entrance examination to professional institutions. To promote the sports among the youth and to save them from drug addiction, the Trust has started Baba Uttam Singh National Hockey Academy in June 2006, which has brought laurels by excellent performance in various National/State tournaments. The students of Religious Institute and Sports Academy are being provided free boarding, lodging, transportation and education.